About the blog

This blog is devoted to the little, ordinary things that every Catholic should know… but a surprising number of us don’t.

It’s intended for the ordinary Catholic in the pew who, for whatever reason, never learned some things about what we do, or why we do what we do.

It will not address issues over which Catholics are divided. Here, we will focus on the ordinary, little things that we have in common.

It will not wade into deep theological waters — if you like that sort of thing, please do join me at my other blog, Gaudete Theology. I’ll occasionally link to material there “for further reading” for those who are interested. (And if you’re into literature and translation as well as the Bible, you might enjoy the group blog BLT (not just a sandwich), where I also blog.)

While its primary purpose is to educate, its secondary purpose is to gather information about where that education is needed. So if you are Catholic, or were formerly Catholic but no longer identify as such, please vote in the poll at the bottom of every post. I hope you’ll also comment with reactions, stories, or further questions about the topic of the post.

If you are not and never were Catholic, I do ask that you not vote in the polls, but you are nevertheless very welcome here! Please do comment on posts and join in the conversation: I am deeply devoted to both ecumenical and interfaith dialogue, and am convinced that sincere engagement across religious boundaries is one of the best ways for people to clarify their beliefs and experience of their own religion, as well as learning about others.

I decided to start this blog after strong encouragement from both a formerly Catholic friend, and a vowed religious theologian. When a nun and an atheist both encourage you to do something, it must be a pretty good idea! 🙂


Did you know? When did you learn? What do you think?

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