Question/Suggestion Box

If you are Catholic and have a question,

or if you were surprised that a Catholic you were talking to didn’t know something that you’d expect every Catholic would know,

or if you are not Catholic but are curious about something that Catholics do,

or if you are a Catholic catechist, pastor, or lay ecclesial minister and would like to suggest a topic,

please use the comments on this page to ask the question or suggest the topic.

If your question fits within the scope of this blog, I’ll answer it in a future post, delete your comment here, and acknowledge you for the question. If it requires getting into heavier theological territory, I’ll respond on my other blog, and reply to your comment here to let you know. (Either way, no promises as to when I’ll reply: I am busy. You have been warned. 😉 )


Did you know? When did you learn? What do you think?

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