If you are a catechist, pastor, lay ecclesial minister, or otherwise involved in Catholic religious education or evangelization, I hope this project will be helpful to you. Welcome!

I hope you’ll be able to use the information gathered here to identify areas that might be worth addressing, and I invite you to use the Suggestion Box to suggest future topics based on your experience of things that typical Catholics don’t know. You are welcome to circulate and reprint these blog posts, as long as you credit the blog and include its URL ( And of course, I invite you to spread the word about this blog, and encourage your friends, social media followers, and parishioners to follow the blog and play along.

You are also welcome to join in the discussion, share stories from your experience as an educator, and engage with other commenters to inquire further about their experience and understanding.

As with other current or former Catholics who have had significant Catholic or theological education beyond what the typical “Catholic in the pew” receives, I invite you to answer the polls, if you can, from the perspective that you had prior to receiving that additional education. That will help keep those patterns focused on the typical Catholic experience, and therefore be most useful to you.


Did you know? When did you learn? What do you think?

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