If you used to be Catholic, but no longer identify as such, you are welcome here, whether you presently identify as Christian, non-Christian, spiritual but not religious, agnostic, or atheist. Welcome!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the weekly posts, whether out of curiosity or nostalgia.

I invite you to vote in the poll that accompanies every post, and to join the discussion in comments; and also, if you are a new commenter, with some demographic data: whether you were a cradle Catholic or an adult convert, as well as where and roughly when you received your initial Catholic education. This will help identify patterns in what people know and don’t know that may be useful to those involved in catechesis and evangelization.

If you received significant Catholic or theological education beyond what the typical “Catholic in the pew” receives, I invite you to answer the polls, if you can, from the perspective that you had prior to receiving that additional education. That will help keep those patterns focused on the typical Catholic experience.


Did you know? When did you learn? What do you think?

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